Welcome to... Brave New World

Community, Identity, Stability
Huxley, Brave New World

Oh brave new world that has such people in it...
Shakespeare, The Tempest

Brave New World is the home page of Lynn Rollins & Steve Blair. Click the graphics on the left to see some of the things we're interested in these days.

Our technical writing business, R&B Communications (formerly Tech Write), was established in 1993.
Check out our family, friends, and pets!
Steve volunteers for the Pacific Cetacean Group (PCG). The PCG is a non-profit organization on the Monterey Bay, dedicated to studying marine mammals.
Lynn volunteers for the Alzheimer's Association of Santa Cruz county. Here is some information about the national Alzheimer's Association.
Brave New World seems to be returning as a popular concept. Here are some links to other Brave New World sites that have nothing to do with us:

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