Pets of the Rollins/Blair household


Maggie on Steve's shoulders Maggie

Maggie, The Best Cat In The World, thinks she is a dog. She follows Gabby around, greets visitors, and hangs around anyone who is working on the house.

Maggie has a special bed beside Dad's computer--she sleeps all day there while he works. And she occasionally hangs out on his shoulders!


Gabby Gabby with ball Gabby in motion

Gabby is a chocolate Lab with plenty of energy. She came to us in August 1996 through the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Association's Lab Rescue Program. She's quite a handful, but very sweet.

Special thanks to Guenther Computer Products in Santa Cruz for loaning us their Kodak DC20 to shoot the photo on the left.



Trapper was a California kingsnake that we had for 16 years. He was very mellow and friendly towards people; he was not quite so friendly towards mice! He brought smiles to many faces (and looks of fear to others). When he died in the spring of 1999, he was at least 19 years old--that's extremely old for a kingsnake.


BJ BJ and Maggie

Our special dog BJ died in January 1996. She was 10 years old and shared many good times with us. In the picture on the left, her Grandma Jay is giving her a pat at our wedding. Maggie loved BJ very much and cuddled with her constantly.

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