In China with Maya

We went to China on August 7, 1997 to meet our daughter Maya, who was 19 months old at the time.
We were in China for two weeks.

The early days

Maya's hair was cut and combed in the height of Chinese fashion when we met her. Several days passed before she would let us take the pigtails out or even touch it!

Although Baba is boldly helping Maya eat some noodles, this scene is not as peaceful as it seems--Maya's grief lead her to rebel against us furiously, with an anguish that was often visible during meals.

This was a pretty typical facial expression for the first seven days that we were together.

Lighter moments

Here's the first smile we ever saw from our little girl; she was grieving extensively over the separation from her foster family through most of our trip. This mini-bath in the sink cheered her up a bit, though.

A family outing, Mama and Baba with backpacks in tow.

As we approached the end of our trip, Maya and parents began to learn a bit about each other and to relax together.

Although never as much fun as the first mini-bath in the sink, tub baths were a nice way to clean up after long hard days in government offices. Now that we've returned from China, bath time in Santa Cruz is the most popular part of the day!

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